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Insect Screen Enclosures 32837

Install / repair mosquito net 32837

Protecting your home from uncomfortable insects is one of the fundamental issues to achieve greater well-being. A solution that we will achieve with mosquito nets, for window or balcony, the ideal complement to keep doors and windows open and the light on in our home, without having to suffer the bites of annoying mosquitoes. We tell you all you need to know!

What types of mosquito nets are there? In the first place, before choosing a mosquito net for our home, we must be clear about where we are going to install it, since there are different types suitable for window installation or, if we wish, also on the door or balcony.

After the choice between window or door / balcony. You must choose the type of opening of the mosquito net -which can offer a total or partial opening. Keep in mind that not all opening classes are suitable for all types of windows and balconies.

  • Fixed Suitable for all types of windows, doors or balconies. It allows a total opening
  • Extendable: This type of mosquito net, indicated for windows, doors or balconies with blind drawer, only allows a partial opening
  • Sliding: Require that the window, door or balcony have a lower and upper rail. It is a type of mosquito net for extended use in sliding windows although it offers a partial opening
  • Vertical and horizontal roll-up: These fly screens work with a system similar to blinds. It is one of the most widespread and comfortable solutions, which also has the advantage of occupying very little space
  • The horizontal roller blinds are a variety of sliding mosquito nets that are rolled into the small side drums of the structure. They offer a total opening
  • Curtain: Like the previous ones, they can be installed in all types of windows, doors and balconies, and allow a complete opening
  • Folding: Suitable for all types of windows, doors and balconies
  • Velcro: Adaptable to windows (including roof windows), pool or door, these mosquito nets for pool have the advantage of being able to be cut to the exact size of the hole. In addition, its installation hardly requires effort, since they carry a self-adhesive band to stick on the profiles of the window or door

The taking of the measurements:

When choosing the best mosquito net for our home, once we have decided the type that we want (fixed, roller, sliding, folding, curtain or extensible), we must take into account the measures of the holes in our windows, patio or doors.

In order to correctly take the window measurements for a vertical roller type blind (the most common ones) we must:

  • Measure from top to bottom from the profile and subtract the centimeters recommended by the manufacturer (which is what the covers and lateral guide profiles will occupy), depending on the size of the drawer
  • Measure the gap between the frame on the right and on the left
  • Measure from top to bottom from the profile and add the centimeters recommended by the manufacturer to be able to fix the mosquito net to the fences of the window or in the place chosen for its placement

We'll do for you all work install / repair insect screen enclosures for patio, windows, pool in ZIP/Area 32837, Florida.