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When you feel the heat, especially in the summer months, the high temperatures force us to open windows and doors looking for those blessed air currents so that our home stays as airy as possible and we can take better the embarrassment. But of course, this action leads to having to deal with bugs that leak, such as flies, mosquitoes, moths and other flying insects. We can eradicate them with insecticides, but it is still very annoying especially when they sting or bother us during nap hours, so the best solution is good protection with preventive methods such as mosquito nets.

That is why today we are going to talk about mosquito nets, they are a very practical and functional element for the home, its purpose is that we can have a good ventilation without fear that we enter through the window or door any insect. It is also very reassuring for those of us who have pets (for example, cats) since the windows are protected, the animals are not at risk of falling outside while we have the windows open.

There are several types of mosquito nets, from the cheapest that we can assemble ourselves, to some more elaborate that requires the installation and maintenance of a professional (pool screen repair for example). There are anti pollen, with frames, without frames, fixed, folding, in the form of curtains.

Anyway, it is something we believe, it can never be missing in windows or doors, especially in hot seasons, to be well protected of flying insects. If you are thinking about acquiring one and do not know what type to choose, here are the types of mosquito nets that you can use in a home.

Mosquito nets without frame. This is the type of mosquito net that costs less to install. It consists first of cut to size the mesh, then we will have to stick to the outer or inner frame the double-sided adhesive tape, which usually comes in the installation kit (it is like a velcro rough on one side and smooth and with glue on the other).

The part of the glue adheres to the window and the rough part sticks and the mosquito net is stretched. The only negative thing to keep in mind, is that they are not removable, with which, they are usually used for windows.

They can be cheap, and very easy to find, you can buy them online, in DIY stores such as Leroy Merlin or Akí, and the cheaper ones, although of less quality, as is obvious, in the multi-price stores of the Chinese.

Mosquito net curtains. As its name suggests, they are anti-mosquito curtains. They come in easy installation kits. At the top, they have a support that we will have to screw to the door frame. The curtains overlap each other preventing access to flying insects, and at the lower end, they carry some weight so that each time they open when passing between them, they return to the initial position. This type of mosquito nets are used especially for doors because it allows free access to exit or entry, and we can install them ourselves. You can also find them easily in any DIY store, type Leroy Merlin, Akí, or also via Internet.

Mosquito nets with fixed frame. This type of mosquito nets are fixed stay, so they are ideal for use in non-transit sites, such as windows that lead to an interior patio or a terrace. If you have knowledge of DIY, you can do it yourself, these mosquito nets are snapped into the window frame, so you have to take good measures. You will need a metal mesh with the right size, and wooden slats to form the frame. To join the mesh to the wood, you can do it with carpentry staples. If you do not dare, you can always go to the help of a professional, because this way you will be perfect and without any effort.

Rolling or folding mosquito screens. For your comfort, this model of mosquito nets is one of the most used in the home. For you to understand us, this type of mosquito net resembles blinds curtains, they are smooth and taut when they are used because they are fastened in the lower part, and when they are collected, they are kept in a drawer that is usually in the upper part of the mesh fastened on the wall or ceiling. They can be used both vertically and horizontally, and there are also antipolen, perfect for people with allergies. You can easily find them in DIY stores or order them from a professional or any aluminum workshop.

Sliding mosquito nets. This type of mosquito nets can only be used in sliding windows, since they fit in the profile of the window. It is necessary to order them from a professional, as it is a little complex to do ourselves. It occupies exactly what the sheet of the window measures, and moves from one side to the other to be used on both sides.

This variety of mosquito nets are very curious. They are similar to the rolling, but these are collected together in the form of folds, as if it were an accordion. They occupy little space but are less resistible to the wind.

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