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Mosquito nets are very useful at any time of the year as they prevent insects from entering the house. Mosquitoes, flies, beetles, grasshoppers and even lizards. Of course, this is not the only advantage of installing mosquito screens in windows, but there are many more.

That is why we are going to immerse ourselves in the world of mosquito nets to see firsthand the types of mosquito nets that exist and why it is advisable to put mosquito nets on windows.

What types of mosquito nets exist:

There are several models inside mosquito nets. That is why it is essential to know where we will place the mosquito net inside the home. Depending on the type of window we have, we will have to choose between putting a type of mosquito net or another.

In addition, after deciding this, we will also have to decide the type of opening of the mosquito net, which can be either partial or total. Anyway, you have to analyze the space well and an expert locksmith can help you with that.

Fixed mosquito net: the fixed mosquito net is suitable for both windows and doors or balconies. It allows a total opening, so it is ideal for garden doors, for example. It is one of the most used.

Extendable mosquito net: if you are looking for a partial opening, it is best to choose the extensible mosquito net. It is also indicated for both windows and doors, but, yes, the opening will not be total, as we have said, but will be partial.

Sliding mosquito net: if you want a sliding mosquito net, you can also find it. Of course, in this case, the mosquito net requires that the window has a lower rail and other upper since it will be the only way to move.

Curtain mosquito net: the curtain mosquito net is usually much larger, although a locksmith can always adapt it to the size you need and windows screen repair if it will be necessary.

Rolling mosquito net: the operation of the roller screen is very similar, if not identical, to that of the blinds. Offer a total opening and occupy very little space, so they are ideal for smaller windows, although it can be installed in any type of window or door.

Folding mosquito net: it is also compatible with all types of windows and doors and has a total opening.

Velcro mosquito net: this mosquito net has the advantage that hardly any effort is needed to install it, but it is also true that it may not be as effective as other models.

The advantages are multiple, hence the mosquito nets are today one of the most requested services to locksmiths. That is why, then, we will know some of the advantages of installing mosquito screens in windows. Do not miss it.

Goodbye to insects: the first advantage of putting mosquito nets in windows is to prevent insects from entering the house. If you are tired of mosquitoes and others, it will be good to place a mosquito net in each of the windows.

Less dust: the mosquito nets also help the dust from the outside does not enter the house. This means that you can save time by not having to clean the dust every day.

Safe for children and pets: if you have pets and children you will worry about their safety. The mosquito nets are a very good option when it comes to protecting the little ones and the pets. You can have the windows open without thinking that it is dangerous for them.

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