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Insect Screen Enclosures Lake Mary

Install / repair mosquito net Lake Mary

We'll tell you all the types of mosquito nets that exist, their advantages, disadvantages and benefits.

Models of mosquito nets:

Mosquito nets without frame. It is the most basic and economic option, since for its installation it is only necessary to seal the mesh to the outside of the window. I advise you to choose a dark color such as gray or black, shade slightly and with sunlight, allows a clear view of the exterior avoiding glare.

Mosquito net curtains. They are the union of several small overlapping curtains and carry a few pesos down to always return to their place. Ideal for terraces and balconies. Its disadvantage is that it will be constantly fixed.

Mosquito nets in fixed frame. Very used before the appearance of rolling systems. The disadvantage of the system is that the mosquito net must always remain fixed, without being able to remove it from the window frame but on the contrary, its installation is easy, it is an aluminum frame that fits to the window. It has a kind of doormat between the frame and the wall that prevents insects from passing.

Rolling mosquito nets. It is the best selling model and usually likes more for its effectiveness and effectiveness. There are vertical and horizontal roll-up mosquito nets. They are advisable for houses with people with little mobility since it has side guides that give the option to raise and lower the mesh with just a small arm movement that makes it a very comfortable and traditional system. They work in a similar way to the blinds.

It has a drawer of small dimensions where the blind is hidden and remains rolled when not in use, making it protected from atmospheric factors and others. They can be used on doors or windows and their installation is simple, it is valid in any of the openings of the window. It also carries the doormat on the bottom to prevent the entry of small animals.

Pleated mosquito nets. They are a variety of roll-up mosquito nets, they close in folds like an accordion. They occupy a little less space and are more fragile in the face of wind gusts. Patio screen repair may be required sometimes. Its installation is even easier than that of the rollers and you can use them both on doors and windows, since the way of use is both vertical and horizontal.

We'll do for you all work install / repair insect screen enclosures for patio, windows, pool in ZIP/Area Lake Mary, Florida.