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Insect Screen Enclosures Oviedo

Install / repair mosquito net Oviedo

Advantages of placing mosquito nets:

Goodbye to mosquitoes: The main objective of mosquito nets is to prevent the passage of insects. The mosquito net will allow you to have the windows open wide and avoid the bite of them.

Types of mosquito nets:

Protecting our house from the uncomfortable insects is enough reason to think about buying mosquito nets. However, before making any choice, we must reflect on the characteristics of the room and the window itself where we want to install it: Is it a window, door or balcony? What kind of opening does it have? Do we want the mosquito net to offer us? a total or partial opening? There are different types of mosquito net and we must take into account that not all are suitable for 100% of the spaces.

Fixed: Fixed mosquito nets are the most basic, the simplest and also the most economical. They can be installed in any type of window or balcony either under pressure, screwed or fastened through different media or supports.

Extensible: This type of mosquito net, indicated for windows, doors or balconies with blind drawer, allows a partial opening of the same.

Sliding: Sliding mosquito nets require lower and upper bearings that facilitate horizontal sliding along the window rails. Its use is very widespread despite offering a partial opening.

Pleated (curtain): can be installed in all types of windows, doors and patio, and allow a full opening. They extend and fold like an accordion following the direction of the upper and lower guides. This feature makes them the most appropriate mosquito nets for frequent doors.

Roller: This type of mosquito net has a top box in which the mosquito screen window net itself lodges rolled. When pulling it, it extends to the anchor points located in the lower profile. A system similar to that of the blind that represents one of the most extended and comfortable solutions.

Folding: They are suitable for folding doors. Unlike rolling or pleating, it is a second door with an aluminum frame with hinges opening to the outside normally. Its installation requires installing the hinges on the door frame and attaching the folding door mosquito net.

As important as choosing the right and practical system for our windows, swimming pool and doors is to take the measurements correctly.

We'll do for you all work install / repair insect screen enclosures for patio, windows, pool in ZIP/Area Oviedo, Florida.