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Patio Screen Enclosures

Mosquito net for Patio

The patio fly screen enclosures are made with fiberglass yarn, covering with ethylene resin coating, and weaving into a set of high temperature heat.

Our screen enclosures for patio - strength and strength of high tension, no vulnerability to molding or moth, easy to clean, stable structure, good ventilation, long service life and high resistance to bending, flame, heat and cold. Resist flying parasites such as bees, moths, mosquitoes and flies. Advantage:

  • Use of the mosquito nets for patio reduces total UV damage of moisture and patio furniture
  • Durable construction with skylights and ceiling fans available
  • No need for maintenance
  • No painting, staining or sealing
  • Extruded aluminum painted electrostatically on white or bronze to compliment the exterior of your home
Mosquito net for Patio
Patio Screen Repair

Patio Screen Repair

Use mosquito netting for patio enclosures. Heavy duty fiberglass mesh designed for use in enclosures from the room of the balconies, the swimming pools, the patios, the porch and the sun. It is ideal for larger openings where additional force is necessary.

The mosquito net for apartment patio are an effective help to get rid of insects and pollen in homes. Insect screen patio use has been extended with the use of new materials in its manufacture and a greater variety of opening or removal options when they are not needed.

The idea is to avoid the company of flies and mosquitoes without resorting to insecticides and to be able to enjoy good ventilation without fear of being visited by insects and small reptiles And pet owners (for example, cats) feel calmer when the windows are protected by mosquito net around patio. Mosquito nets with a careful design and functionality for each case, along with a wide range of colors and finishes, which make our outdoor patio screen enclosures adapt to the various existing joinery, keeping the aesthetic and decoration requirements so well cared for today.

Often there is a need for patio screen replacement after a strong wind, hurricane, rain. You ask - who has a windows screen repair or patio screen repair kit near me, in my area? Of course VP-skreen, We always come to the aid, just call us.

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